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An innovation in lingerie that is transforming women's lives!

At DermaSilkIntimo we know that the secret to great underwear isn't simply about looking good, it's about feeling good and that means feeling comfortable, confident and healthy. Designed and manufactured in Italy, DermaSilkIntimo combines simple understated style with the latest in scientific innovation.

DermaSilkIntimo briefs are made from a revolutionary fabric - a knitted DermaSilk which has a permanent active antimicrobial action.

This new class of                     "super-underwear" has been demonstrated in clinical studies to calm irritation and prevent bacterial and fungal infections, by helping to maintain healthy levels of pH and humidity in this delicate area.


DermaSilkIntimo used in conjunction with conventional medication is proven to significantly reduce the symptoms of health conditions such as lichen sclerosus and recurrent candidosis (Thrush) and to reduce the frequency of candida recurrences. DermaSilkIntimo may also be of benefit in the management of vulvodynia, bacterial vaginosis, the menopause and other womens health issues

Our "Super Underwear" is also a great option for women everywhere who lead busy, active lives and want to stay healthy whilst living life to the full - DermaSilkIntimo offers comfort and confidence whether you are hot-desking at work, travelling in the stress of rush-hour or on a long-haul flight or working up a sweat at the gym or on the dance floor.


DermaSilk and DermaSilk Intimo are Trademarks of Al.Pre.Tec. Srl. Italy for a list of DermaSilk distributors around the world click here


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From our popular minislip briefs to our best selling mini shorts, DermaSilkIntimo is transforming women's health world-wide and is now included in the European Guidelines for the management of Lichen Sclerosus!

You'll never know you are wearing Therapeutic Underwear!

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